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AZhelps is an innovative customer support program, powered by AstraZeneca.
AZhelps is in the moment and by your side to make managing your health easier.


Pay less for your medicine, refill your prescriptions more easily, and track your treatment plan. We’ve also streamlined the mail-order reimbursement process.


Hand-picked articles and advice on healthy living, important information about AstraZeneca medications you’re taking, and resources designed to fit into your daily life.


Got a question? We have the answer. You’ll get direct access to AstraZeneca with phone numbers and tap-to-tweet, right at your fingertips.

Your App Managing your health can be tough. We get it. The AZhelps app saves you time, money, and energy, all from your phone. Get the App
Your Savings Everyone loves to save. The mobile AZhelps Savings Card lets eligible patients get their prescriptions filled for less—right from their phone. So what are you waiting for? Start Saving
Your Lifestyle Your health and treatment are personal. And the AZhelps app is designed to help you take control of them. Through the app, you’ll be able to learn about the condition(s) you face. But that’s not all. You’ll also find helpful recipes, news, updates, and advice on managing your health from trustworthy resources. Read Up
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